Moussa Koffoe - La vie actuelle - 1ere Partie

par Melynga  

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Moussa Koffoe
Moussa Koffoe
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To create "Little Monster," a track off their 'Out Of The Black' EP, Royal Blood bandmates headed off to Portugal for a impromptu jam and writing session. During their "bro-time," vocalist/bassist Mike Kerr picked up a beaten Spanish flamenco guitar and created a little riff that would become the monstrous rocker now known as "Little Monster."

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Cage the Elephant frontman Matt Shultz isn't afraid to stage dive. But his dives haven't always been so graceful. Schultz and his brother and co-band member Brad Shultz reminice about the days/shows spent perfecting the art of stage diving.

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Landscape visits the Highlands of Scotland as Autumn first sets in to follow the salmon streams into the bracken.