Clérambault Grand Plein Jeu # 1 Suite du 1er Ton

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Gilberto Guarino plays Clérambault. "Suite du 1 er Ton": #1 - "Grand Plein Jeu".Temperament: 1/4 comma meantone. The french "Grand Plein Jeu" is the "Plein Jeu" heard from the Great manual, with the Choir manual coupled. Unlike the "Suite du 2ème Ton", the former begins with a full "GPJ" in three and four voices, while the latter opens with a hybrid composition: a "Petit Plein Jeu" (the "Plein Jeu" played in the Choir manual); then there is a "GPJ", followed by another "PPJ", and ending in a "GPJ". Obviously, this kind of piece ("GPJ") is to be played "lentement" ("for lentement", actually...) with a sense of sound mass. The "1er ton" is assimilated to D Minor, while the "2ème Ton", to G Minor.
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