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Fnac Gaming L'emission #02 : Retour...

L'émission Fnac Gaming numéro 2 fait le point sur le salon de la Gamescom et sur les jeux vidéo incontournables de fin d'année.

Final Fantasy Xiv : A Realm Reborn -... >> Square Enix a présenté une nouvelle vidéo de Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn lors du TGS 2014, afin de donner un petit aperçu du Patch 2.4 à venir pour son MMORPG. Patch qui inclura de nouveaux donjons, deux nouvelles classes (rogue et ninja), etc.

Oculus first

Oculus first

Le Défi Du Challenge 08 - Bob Lennon...

8ème épisode du défi du challenge, Bob Lennon VS Benzaie

Bravely Second (3ds) - Trailer 02...

Un nouveau trailer en provenance du TGS pour Bravely Second

[pt] Dreadout - 05 - Exploration De...

Babi Ngepet: Babi Ngepet is a boar or swine demon in Javanese mythology. According to local myth, the creature is believed to be the manifestation of a person practising black magic. It is a kind of magic to help people become rich instantly, but in exchange they must sacrifice their humanity, allow themselves to be transformed into a boar. The human-animal transformation is similar to shapeshifting or the werewolf concept in the West.The myth told about a man enveloped in black robes before miraculously turning into this creature. After the transformation, the boar demon roams around the village, scratching its body against the wall, door, cupboard, or furniture. Magically the belongings of the villagers, such as money, gold, and jewellery will disappear and magically carried away by Babi Ngepet. If the mission was successful, when Babi Ngepet safely returns home and transforms back into human form, the black robes will be filled with the stolen money or jewellery.The person that practices Babi Ngepet black magic needs assistance from another person. The assistant's task is to stay home and guard the lit candle floating on a basin of water, while Babi Ngepet is in action. If the fire on the candle is shaking, fading or almost out, it is the sign that Babi Ngepet is in danger. Another myth said, the person that practices Babi Ngepet black magic will be trapped forever in his demonic boar form if the fire on the candle is completely out.Sundel Bolong : The story of this ghost mainly originated from the Javanese mythology, and often associated with the Malaysian mythology. A Sundel Bolong were often described as a woman with beautiful long hair, and beautiful long, white dress, or in a form that are mainly similar to a Kuntilanak.In the folklore, a Sundel Bolong was said to be the spirit of a woman similar to a Kuntilanak and Pontianak respectively, who've died while being pregnant or after giving birth to a baby, but the baby itself came out of her back.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode

Défi du challenge 07 - Bonus n° 2:...

Bonus n°2 du défi du challenge 07 - Jérémy VS Gilles

Fnac Gaming L'émission #02 : Gamescom...

Fnac Gaming l'émission revient pour un deuxième épisode faisant le point sur la Gamescom et sur les meilleurs jeux de fin d'année.

Comment Avoir Plus De Chance ? -...

Comment avoir plus de chance ? - League of legends PC

Quand ça Se Joue à Rien... - League...

Quand ça se joue à rien... - League of legends PC

Edg Joue Avec Le Corps Des Dark...

EDG joue avec le corps des Dark Passage - League of legends PC

Bravely Second : Three Musketeers...

Bravely Second : Three Musketeers Trailer

Cho Dengeki Stryker - Cho Dengeki...

Cho Dengeki Stryker (PC) - Cho Dengeki Stryker - Trailer

Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Trailer Tgs...

Dragon Ball Xenoverse (PlayStation 4) - Trailer TGS 2014 [long]